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Anti-noise ANR earphones with Active Electronic System Lightweight and Foldable from 22dB passive to -30dB attenuation in active mode - CE Standard EN352-1

High performance for noisy environments. To be used for the safety and protection of your hearing.

Same manufacture as airplane type compact headset line, same passive protection technology. For track and tarmac personnel.

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SILENCER ANR Anti Noise ELECTRONIC SELECTIVE Headset - STANDARD CE EN352-2 Norm - VERY HIGH performance for noisy environment



Aerodiscount's Silencer ANR Anti-noise headphones will amaze you with its efficiency and comfort.

This headset is called S-ANR the S means SELECTIVE. The Selective Electronics manages the ANR to separate and reduce only the noise beyond 85 Db by cons amplifies the voices around.


    It has a comfortable and undeformable headband that can be adjusted in height to all head rims, a ventilated headband and soft pads for optimum wearing comfort with quick adjustment of the head size. The tightness thanks to its system of spring arch is very comfortable and ensures a pressure - sealing with noises of high performance.

This ANR Anti-Noise (ANR = Active Noise Reduction) headset folds into a ball and reduces its bulk and facilitates transport. It holds in a pocket. It has an on / off button and adjustable volume.

It offers a 30 dB attenuation in ANR (SNR Global Impairment Index)) Complies with CE EN352-1.

Thanks to its semiconductor circuits, the Aerodiscount Silencer Anti-Noise Headset allows you to hear sounds and people speaking while attenuating sounds above 85 dB, so you can follow a conversation without being disturbed by the surrounding noise of an Aircraft engine, Ultralight, Electric hammer, Lawn mower, etc.
This headset is ideal in aeronautics personnel or "passive" passengers who do not want or can not take part in communications, the medical personnel flying the med helicopter will appreciate this headset.
It is particularly suitable for children.

Many uses will make it an inseparable companion, at concerts, racing cars and racers shows or for tinkering, grinding, bucking, or close to a noisy machine the use of this electronic noise protection headset with sophisticated filtering will change your life .

If you pass the mower, shoot, hunt or if you are in a noisy environment you will appreciate the comfort during a prolonged port.

With Noise be careful and vigilant for you and your loved ones, hearing loss through overexposure and not just that continuous loud noises is IRREVERSSIBLE.


H = 30,
M = 28,
L = 22.
Works with two AA batteries for about 200 hours of use. (Caution do not forget to switch off the switch at the end of use)
Weight: 285 gr
Dielectric design: no
Passive Attenuation 22dB
Attenuation with ANR 30dB (CE Standard EN352-1)
(ATTENTION: Separative and Selective ANR only filters noises above 85 dB only those are treated in attenuation, meaning that the decibel rate never exceeds 85 db.) Speech and noise below 85 dB are attenuated by passive isolation but Untreated, it will still allow you to perceive the sounds and the words)


  • A comfortable and non-deformable arch adaptable to all heads.
  • Light and Foldable for an easy carriage
  • A ventilated internal stringcourse and soft earpads for an optimal comfort.
  • A fast adjustment for the head height.

    It offers an attenuation of 30 dB.

    This headset is ideal for the airport agents on the tarmac.

Applications: industry, mines, marine, airports, Electric centrale, Dam


  • Compatibilité électromagnétique 2004/108/CE
  • EN352-4:2001, EN55013:2001, +A1:2003+A2:2006
  • EN55020:2002+A1:2003+A2:2005, EN61000-4-2001


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