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Mini GSM GPS TRACKER with microphone High Accuracy


GSM Tracker - a mini GSM and discreet tracker, with microphone, it sends position data by SMS viewable on GOOGLE Map. It allows listening to the surrounding sounds and conversations. Follow your aircraft, your students. Find your lost or stolen property. Use is regulated.

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Mini GSM GPS TRACKER with microphone and igh Accuracy

Thanks to this ultra mini and hyper discrete tracer, follow and find your property. For an aeronautical use or well for a child an elderly person with Alzheimer's for example.
Thanks to the geolocation application you can know exactly where the tracer is located, very usefull for lost drone (UAV) (You can choose either continuous or punctual tracking according to the chosen tracking mode. This one has a autonomy of 6 months in standby, and therefore in punctual interrogation mode.
It can follow you in any circumstance hiking, flight, travel, you can link it to an airplane, a car, or any bike scooter, trailer, construction equipment ... In continuous transmission you have 10 hours autonomy and tracing available continuously. The route is reconstructed on the application provided.
Always operational, in fact if the GPS coverage is not available or the signal is weak the plotter will fold back on the GSM network. It therefore works even in buildings. A simple subscription of a SIM card phone 2 euros allows to use it.
So this is an inexpensive solution for aerial rallies or instructors wanting to debunk then face a card.
Follow, or find a lost or stolen object and possible thanks to this sneak. You will have a geographical location transmitted by SMS and possibility to hear the environment. It can therefore be used as a micro spy (Beware of legislation).
Fortunately, you will have anticipated this risk and placed this tracer in a discreet corner.

WARNING: In France, a decision of the Supreme Court (Cassation) of October 22, 2013, makes the legislation evolve with regard to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights and French legislation is behind on the use of geolocation.

The police are no longer allowed to use, among other things, these devices to track and enable them to arrest thieves during investigation procedures.

Each citizen can take measures to protect his property, the use of this device is not prohibited. The free sale is thus authorized.

RECALL : You need a SIM card to operate this unit.

But be careful, the tracking of people and the listening of their conversations can only be done with their consent.

(NOTE: This device is said to be sensitive, we are likely to ask you to justify your identity at the time of purchase (moreover Aerodiscount is above all a site for pilots). The serial number of the chip is systematically recorded in order to be able to provide the identity of the buyer to the police services if necessary).

Following a theft or a loss you will be able to provide the data to the police.
Note that you must act quickly, the faster you act the greater the chances of intercepting the thieves. The fact that the device works by GPS as well as by GSM GPRS allows to find the storage places.

This device has a built-in microphone that will allow you to hear remotely on your phone, the sounds or conversations it perceives. Useful to follow the radio procedures provided that the speaker of the device in active mode. Note however that the device too far from the speaker or covered by luggage will not necessarily work properly.
The location function will give you the current location of your property. The device will send you a text message indicating its location and a web link to locate it on Google Maps.

You can also query the device and upon request, an SMS will give you its position, thanks to the application provided and Google Maps you will locate it and you will know if it has moved.

The instructor will be able to use the query function and will know where his student is. Even simpler is to set the device to work continuously and you will see the route followed in front of you.

The accuracy is a few hundred meters depending on the network, the conditions and the location of the tracker. After tests we have often obtained a better accuracy and we are rather at a few tens of meters.
When questioning it, the device picks up automatically and discreetly (it does not ring, nor does it make noise), you are connected to the microphone and you will hear the surrounding noises and conversations.

Attention, do not play the investigator yourself, double as a vigilante without fear and without reproach, call the police, it is their role and their job trust them.

GSM tracker with integrated microphone and geolocation function

Reliable determination within a radius of 15m of the position via the cell phone network that sends the position taken by the GPS

Possibility to call to listen to the sound of the microphone (via automatic recall)

Precise transmission of coordinates via SMS with link to Google Maps

Can be used worldwide thanks to the quad-band mobile network: ready to use with any SIM card (SMS mobile package required!)

Works everywhere - even inside buildings (covered by the card's GSM network)

Extended battery life thanks to 12-hour standby mode

In order to keep the device charged and to allow a permanent autonomy, the cable must be connected to a USB adapter. The power supply can be a battery or a solar panel with charge limiter (see options and ask us for their price and availability we do not hold them in stock).

Reminder concerning legislation

- Respect local legislation concerning personal freedom.

- French law prohibits making audio recordings of people without their knowledge.

- You will find more detailed information on the CNIL website (www.cnil.fr).

    WE REMEMBER that the tracing of people and the listening of their conversations and the spying of their private life cannot be carried out without the prior authorization of the persons concerned.

Aerodiscount cannot be held responsible for a use not in conformity with the legislation in force in the country where the tracer is used



GPS/GSM tracker

Easy connection with a tablet or a smartphone on the application: a simple scan of the QR code provided is enough to download it. The QR code is available on the plotter packaging. (PACKAGING TO KEEP)

The application is free for Android and iOS devices (available on Google Play and App Store): The geographical data are then visible on Google Maps, the application can monitor up to 5 trackers

Possibility for several users to jointly monitor the same tracker

Double security: The location is mainly done by GPS and then by the mobile network (GSM /GPRS)

Monitoring is reliable: It is only through the application that the tracker can be deactivated.

Usable worldwide thanks to GPS and mobile network quad-band 850/900/1800/1900: it is ready to use with all Micro-SIM cards. We recommend using a plan with unlimited SMS.

Robust plastic case with Soft Touch coating

Dimensions: 27 x 52 x 14 mm

Weight 25g

Different adapters are available but not included and must be ordered separately.

6 months standby time depending on the tracking mode chosen (the setting is made according to your needs), up to 10 hours of continuous tracking.

Power supply via integrated li-ion battery (500mAh) rechargeable by Micro-USB cable

A Micro-USB charging cable is included with the GPS Tracker

* Please note that the tracking of people can not be done without the permission of the persons concerned.


- GSM Tracker

- Micro-USB cable

- User's manual in French

Other items required (not supplied): USB power adapter or solar charger, SIM card.


You must first charge the tracker so that it can send you SMS messages indicating the location data. You must have a cell phone or a tablet allowing the reception of SMS. A SIM card must be inserted and set up in the tracker. This SIM card must be able to send and receive SMS.

Almost all SIM cards offered by operators are compatible and can be used. The phone operator is not important. Using a prepaid SIM card can also be suitable or a 2 euro unlimited SMS package.

NOTE: In continuous tacking the tracker will send you many SMS. It is therefore wise to choose advantageous conditions for sending SMS.

Do not install voicemail when setting up the SIM card. Also remember not to activate a PIN code lock. Follow the indications of parameter setting or ask the operator.

For a Geolocation on Google Map, you need either a computer or a mobile or tablet with the Google Map application by simply scanning the QR code you download the application that allows you to access the geolocation.


This device complies with the following current directives of the European Parliament: 1999/5/EC, on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment, and 2011/65/EU, on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.


. Do not write the assigned phone number on the device or on the card. You will lose all protection.

. you must hide the tracker so that it is as discreet as possible or is not visible because if the SIM card is removed, it can no longer function.

. You can fix it either by the clip provided or securely to prevent it from falling out of its holder.

. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or at a very high temperature, so it must be thermally protected from any heat source. (this is the electronics of a GPS combined with a cell phone)

. Remember that it has only 10 hours of autonomy with its own power supply if it works continuously.